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Early notes on the Pennant
Earl Cunningham, K6SE: Experiences from the initial testing in the real world of the Pennant design.
--

Build your own Flag antenna
Larry Molitor - W7IUV: The "Flag" and "Pennant" antennas show great promise for those who live on less than full section farms. While the Pennant is easier to build, the Flag is symmetrical and therefor adaptable to a rotatable configuration. -- Read more --

Remotely controlled Pennant antenna
Mark Connelly, WA1ION: The beauty of the pennant and similar designs is that ground conditions does not have much effect on the achievable null depth. -- Read more --

Great antenna, easy to build
George Maroti:
The Flag antenna is particularly good for DX-ing in specific direction. The antenna is simple to construct, is relatively small, and has no direct connection to ground
. --

Flag antenna report
George Maroti: Several times the flag heard stations which were completely inaudible on the other antennas.
On frequencies with 2 stations audible, the flag was able to either null one of the stations, or bring the station that was in the background out in front. -- Read more --

My most successful antenna
Robert Marshall-Read, G4VGO: This has been the most successful antenna so far and although not a beverage, it outshines the phased loops and other small aperture receive antennas. -- Read more --

Test if your Pennant is working
Tom Rauch, W8JI: Test for your Pennant. If it does not pass, it has a problem that can cost you weak signal reception. -- Read more --

Wind your own transformers
Discussion: Which matching transformers are best suited for Flag and Pennant antennas. -- Read more --

Select your core material
Gary Breed, K9AY: The 43 material is commonly used in EMI filtering applications, where looser manufacturing tolerances may be acceptable. This can affect antenna matching transformers. -- Read more --

Stick with the 34/8 turns
Earl Cunningham, K6SE: Until a better transformer that performs as well or better than the one described in the QST article surfaces, I recommend that you stick with the 34/8 turns ratio on the Amidon FT-140-43 core.
--

How to balance your antenna

Tom Rauch, W8JI: Discussing the need, or not, for shielding metal boxes, and how to balance different antennas as Beverage, small loops, Flag and Pennant. -- Read more --

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