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By Earl Cunningham, K6SE
Flag and Pennant mail list, November 3, 2000

When I initially tested the computer model Pennant design in the real world (and after detuning my 160 and 80-meter verticals), the F/B tested on-the-air with a local ham about 5 miles away almost exactly as it did in the computer, about 35 to 45 dB F/b.
The coax came straight down to the ground from the feedpoint of the Pennant and then along the ground to the shack at right angles to the Pennant. There were some ferrite beads on the coax at the feedpoint end, but probably not enough to make much difference.

The transformer was in a rectangular refrigerator plastic box measuring about 2" wide by 4" long by 2" deep.
The point of the Pennant was attached to two terminals (screw studs) coming out of the sides of the box and the coax and the SO-239 coax connector came out of one end of the box.
The box was mounted vertically on the wooden post supporting the point of the Pennant 13 feet above ground, with the coax connector facing downward.
(Actually, there were two Pennants installed point-to-point with a DPDT relay in the box to switch the hi-Z winding from one Pennant to the other to facilitate F/B measurements. The control cable for the relay routed the same way as the coax.)

Although it is good practice to run the coax horizontally away form the antenna in the plane of the antenna, this can't always be done in practice. In my case, running the coax straight down to the ground and then over the the shack seemed to be ok, as the F/B test results indicated.
It seems to me that the same physical arrangement of wire/coax connections on the box for K0FF's proposed transformer box design would work in either case (coax routed away from the antenna horizontally or straight down to the ground).
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