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T2FD excellent receiving antenna

From: Frank Gilmore, K0JPJ
Date: May 29, 1993
Original source: Fidonet's shortwave conference

I used a T2FD in 1961. At that time I had lots of land to experiment with antennas and each weekend the local gang would come over and we would put up another one.
W8JK antennas were my favorite wire antennas although they were rather awesome when built for 40... also had lots of wind resist. and the smallest ice storm would bring them down.

The T2FD gave a good accounting of itself. If I remember correctly I built mine from an article in either CQ or the CQ Antenna Manual. I don't recall it ever appearing in the ARRL Antenna Handbooks. It may have been in Bill Orr's Radio Handbook at one time.

It was an excellent receiving antenna for SWL use. After I dropped traffic nets and did little but chase DX on the higher freqs with a beam I used the T2FD on a Hammarlund HQ-180AXC to monitor commercial RTTY.

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