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Wolfgang Bueschel logs April 1, 2019   
Tuesday, April 02 2019


Log of April 1st 05.00 - 08.00 UT,
bcast traced on central Europe remote Holland unit, at eastern Thailand on
Uwe's Perseus installation, and on remote Doha Qatar Near East access.

7180.021 ERI VoBMoE from Asmara site, noted at 05.01 UT on April 1st,
but not on air of 2nd unit close to 7140v kHz though.
S=3 or -110dBm poor tiny signal, just above threshold level.
7205even SDN Radio Omdurman, from Al Aitahab suburb, S=5 or -98dBm,
at 05.03 UT. Male announcer, mx played in between.
7325DRM ROU RRI Galbeni site, French service in DRM mode. 05.05 UT
S=9+25dB here in remote Holland unit.
7505.009 USA WRNO New Orleans, female pastor pray in English, S=6-7
at 05.07 UT, April 1. "... on the sixt day creation,
... woman ...'
4885.023 BRA Radio Club do Para..., S=8 or -82dBm in remotedly
access in Holland. At 05.11 UT on April 1.
4989.987 SUR R Apintie, Pernambuco, pop mx program, at 05.13 UT,
S=5 or -97dBm.
5040even CUB RHC Bauta, English sce, Arnie Coro CO2KK, speaking, told
about thunderstorm damage, antenna grounded,
SW propagation figures, heard at 05.16 UT on April 1st.
6000, 6060, 6100, 6165 kHz.
6184.998 MEX XEPPM Radio Educacion, Mexico City, poor S=3-4 in HOL,
at 05.18 UT on April 1st;
but suffered by splatter of next door channel
6180even ASC relay VoA Hausa program, powerful S=9+5dB at 05.19 UT.
5829.985 USA WTWW pastor prayer in English, S=8 -86dBm at 05.22 UT.
5939.691 BRA Radio Voz Missionary, PortBras pastor pray, S=5-6 05.24 UT

9664.531 BRA Radio Voz Missionary, PortBras pastor pray, S=6 05.44 UT.
5960even ASC Radio Ndarason International, in Kanuri language, 05.27 UT
S=8-9 or -79dBm, BUT little 124 Hertz BUZZ sideband heterodyne
tone of odd Radio Kuwait signal of adjacent 5959.876 kHz.
5975even AUT NHK Radio Japan Tokyo in English to western Europe via
ORS Moosbrunn 300 kW powerful 10 kHz wideband audio block
performance of S=9+40dB. NHK ID and all fqs given, full all
day schedule, like 5975 to WeEUR, 11970 SoAF, and 9860 to WeAF.
5985even TERRIBLE two station outlets MIXED together, S=8 signal 0530 UT
as CRI Beijing Arabic via European relay at Cerrik Albania, and
WRMI Okeechobee like Yeshua program acc Aoki Nagoya database.
6040.004 TUR TRT Emirler in Turkish, S=8 in HOL western Europe,
Turkish folk music played at 05.32 UT.
9395even USA WRMI Okeechobee FL US state, nice Oldies played at 05.36 UT
well above threshold level S=4 -105dBm.
9410.007 MDG BBC London, English morning news, poor S=5-6 at 05.38 UT
9440even U.K. BBC London, Hausa sce to WeAF via Woofferton site, S=8 at
05.39 UT, female presenter, phone-in program, and
9745 kHz via ORS Moosbrunn relay in Austria, S=8-9 level.

9535even and 6125 kHz RTA Algiers still also via RTF Issoudun relay site
in A-19 season. Probably RTA Bechar site in western Algeria is N O T
finnished yet for regular SW service to south eastern Sahel / Sudan zone.

9630.005 NZL R NZi Rangitaiki only fair signal S=5 in HOL western Europe,
-104dBm at 05.42 UT, scheduled 05-07 UT in A-19.
9825.004 USA Weak signal, probably WHRI S=4 at 05.47 UT, noted like
Gregorian singer chorus heard.
11640even CHN CNR1 jamming at 05.51 UT, Aoki mentioned 04-06 UT time.
11680even ZMB Voice of Hope, via Lusaka 36 kilometers westerly -
at Makeni Ranch in Zambia. English pastor prayer, S=6 -95dBm
at 05.52 UT.
11745even ARS Al-Azm Radio via Jeddah(?) site, many HQuran prayer,
S=6 in western Europe HOL unit, at 05.54 UT on April 1.
11750.006 TUR TRT Emirler, scheduled 06-09 UT, but already on air at
05.54 UT flute mx and interval signal, first ID at 05.55 UT.
S=9 or -74dBm, towards CeAS azimuth.
11790 kHz - TERRIBLE MIXTURE - of both signals at 05.57 UT, S=7 or -81dBm
RFI Paris in Swahili to Central/East Africa
via MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility; and also
NHK Radio Japan, via Ibaragi-Koga Yamata, Japan, in Russian language
towards Central Siberia and Russia Far East region.
11870even CHN CRI Beijing, English/Chinese lesson, via Kashgar to
NE / ME target, S=7 sidelobe into HOL western Europe.
05.59 UT on April 1st.
11975even F__ NHK Radio Japan in Arabic to NE/Ar peninsula, NoEaAF,
via TDF Issoudun S=7-8 signal; but SUFFER by adjacent ch
11970even KWT DRM mode signal of S=8, 10 kHz wideband data block
13580.012 MDG BBC nx in English, at 06.03 UT, S=8 at 06.06 UT via
MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility.
13625.007 IRN IRIB Sirjan in Dari/Persian, poor S=5-6 at 06.06 UT.
but SPLATTER interference of nearby 500 kW powerhouse
13635.712 TUR very odd fq Voice of Turkey Turkish from Emirler site,
S=9+35dB at 06.10 UT, scheduled 06-13 UT.
13730.003 IRN IRIB in Arabic from Zahedan site, S=6 mx piece at 06.11 UT
13765.023 TUR VoTurkey in Hausa to West Africa target azimuth, 500 kW
male prayer at 06.13 UT, S=8 or -78dBm.
13870even CHN CNR1 jammer against SoH Taiwan Chinese, at 06.16 UT.
15284.987 ARS SBA via MOCI Riyadh in Swahili to CeEaAF target, 06.19 UT
15359.981 UAE IBB US Urdu foreign sce via Encompass Digital Media
Services relay at Al Dhabbaya relay, S=5-6, at 06.20 UT.
15380.014 ARS SBA via MOCI Riyadh in Arabic, Holy Quran program 06.23 UT
15420.124 UAE BBC London WS En sce via Encompass Digital Media Services
relay at Al Dhabbaya relay, 06.26 UT S=6.
15455even D__ AWR French sce to WeAF, via MBR Nauen Germany relay, 06.27
scheduled 06.00-06.27 UT.
15515even KWT Radio Kuwait, Arabic sce to NE/ME/CeAsia 59degr azimuth,
S=6 only fair signal in WeEUR, but
15529.706 KWT Radio Kuwait, English sce, at 06.27 UT, powerful S=9+10dB
signal in AM mode, 20 kHz wideband audio block, stn ID given
as MW 963 kHz AM band, 90.3 MHz at local Kuwait state.
15730.007 IRN IRIB Hausa sce from Sirjan site, S=8 at 06.33 UT in HOL EUR
17730even ARS SBA via MOCI Riyadh in Arabic, S=6-7 in HOL, at 06.36 UT
17739.984 ARS SBA via MOCI Riyadh in Arabic, S=9 in HOL, at 06.38 UT
surprisingly heard only two f e m a l e s talk / discussion,
and phone-in-program in Saudi Arabia world.

Log at eastern Thailand on Uwe's Perseus remotedly access installation:

21690even UAE RFA Tibetan sce via Encompass Digital Media Services
relay at Al Dhabbaya relay, at 06.39 UT S=9 in Thailand.
CNR jamming weak only underneath. The only 13 mb channel.
21530.146 TWN SOH Mandarin program, S=4 at 06.41 UT on April 1st.
18899.757 TWN SOH Mandarin program, S=6-7 at 06.43 UT, flute mx.
15140 CHN WHITE NOISE JAMMING block, S=9+5dB in THA at 06.48 UT,
I guess meant against RFA Tibetan from Udorn Thani-THA relay
site towards Tibet-China, scheduled daily 03-06 UT.
15250DRM CHN CNR1 Kunming site in DRM mode, S=9+15dB at 06.50 UT.
15294.961 TWN SOH Mandarin sce, S=6 at 06.52 UT.
15340.225 TWN SOH Mandarin sce, S=8 at 06.53 UT.
15400even MDG BBC WS English to South Africa, S=8 at 06.55 UT via
MGLOB Talata Volonondry Madagascar relay facility.
15445.008 IRN IRIB Tehran in Hebrew to ISR, via Sirjan site, 500kW
scheduled 0620-0720 UT, S=8-9 signal in Thailand, Hebrew talk
but also heavy pop mx for youth audience public ? heard.
15580DRM CHN CNR1 DRM sce from Dong Fang island, S=9+20dB in eastern
Thailand remote SDR, 10 kHz wide strong block at 07.02 UT.
15710even CHN CNR6 Hakka sce towards Taiwan Southern China, S=9+10dB
at 07.04 UT on Apr 1st.
15735DRM CHN CNR1 DRM sce from Qiqihar tx site #2021 in Far Eastern
China, near Russian border - first ALLISS revolving antenna
location in China, S=9+20dB in eastern Thailand remote SDR,
10 kHz wide strong block at 07.02 UT.
15799.925 TWN SOH Mandarin sce, S=7 at 07.08 UT.
15869.937 TWN SOH Mandarin sce, S=7 at 07.09 UT.
15919.906 TWN SOH Mandarin sce, S=7 at 07.10 UT.
15940.017 TWN SOH Mandarin sce, S=8-9 at 07.13 UT, plus ditter bubble.

Doha Qatar remotedly access installation log:

9715v kHz Since a lot of months I miss the morning ARS SBA via MOCI
Riyadh Holy Quran sce from 03.00-09.57 UT (alternate 9675 kHz),
non-directional NVIS antenna fountain like signal to Saudi Arabia /
UAE target. My archive shows last monitored entries
9715.039 kHz on 30 Apr 2018 and
9714.923 kHz on 10 Feb 2018, when 7410.027 kHz started ARS in 41 mb.

9860even U.K. KBS Seoul Korean via Encompass Digital Media Services
bcast center at Woofferton England, scheduled 07-08 UT,
S=8-9 in Doha Qatar. 07.22 UT on April 1.
9949.808 IND AIR Delhi Kingsway(?) in Nepali, S=9+5dB in Doha Qatar,
typical subcontinental sweet ladies singer group, at 07.24 UT.
11619.773 IND AIR Delhi Kingsway(?) in Nepali, S=8-9 in Doha Qatar.
11675.008 TUR Voice of Turkey, Turkish from Emirler site to NE/ME,
S=9+25dB at 07.30 UT, scheduled 06-12 UT.
11730.022 TUR Voice of Turkey, Azeri language from Emirler site to
EUR/NE 500 kW, S=9+20dB at 07.32 UT, scheduled 07-08 UT.
11750.005 TUR Voice of Turkey, Turkish from Emirler site to NE/ME/CeAS
500 kW, S=9+25dB at 07.34 UT, scheduled 0600-0857 UT.
13635.712 TUR Voice of Turkey, Turkish from Emirler site to Europe/NoAM,
S=9 at 07.39 UT in Doha Qatar backlobe, 500 kW, 06-13 UT.
13640.006 TWN(?) empty carrier - likely SOH Tanshui, S=9+10dB at 07.40
13700even CHN CNR13 Uyghur service via Lingshi bc center S=9 at 07.42 UT
13720.012 ARS SBA via MOCI Riyadh in Somali-Ar., male presenter,
S=9 at 07.43 UT.
13730.003 IRN IRIB Zahedan in Arabic towards Arabic peninsula, scheduled
05.30-07.30 UT, but carrier still on air at 07.46 UT, S=9+10dB.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 1)


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