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Logs in Reinante and Lugo   
Sunday, April 21 2019


Manuel MÃndez
Lugo, Spain

Logs in Reinante and Lugo
Tecsun S-8800, cable antenna, 8 meters

ANGOLA, 4949.7, Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, 1839-1850 , 17-04,
Portuguese, comments, songs.

ANTARCTICA, 15476, LRA 36, Radio Nacional ArcÃngel San Gabriel, Base
Esperanza, 1730-1748, 16-04, extremely weak signal here in Reinante,
songs, barely audible and only on USB. (MÃndez)

4775, Radio Congonhas, Congonhas, 0535-0548, 17-04, Brazilian songs.
Very weak. 15311. (MÃndez)

4985, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 0605-0616, 17-04, Brazilian songs.
Strong QRM from teletype station. 21311. (MÃndez)

6134.9, Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 0535-0548, 18-04, Portuguese,
religious songs and comments. 14321. (MÃndez)

CANADA, 6070, CFRX, Toronto, 0550-0610, 19-04, English, comments, news.
15321. (MÃndez)

CONGO, 6115, Radio Congo, Brazaville, on air now, 1750-1844*, 17-04,
French, comments, male, female, news, "Le Congo", âLe President de la
Republiqueâ, "Radio Congo". 24322. (MÃndez)

CONGO, D. R., Radio Kahuzi, Bukavu, 1750-1804*, 17-04, Vernacular
comments, religious songs. Extremely weak, best on LSB. 13311.
Also 1745-1804*, 20-04, Vernacular comments. Extremely weak, best on
LSB. (MÃndez)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA, 5005, Radio Nacional, Bata, 0530-0550, 20-04, after
about 10 days that seems to be out of air, today on again, open at about
0530 with songs, probably religious songs due to Easter. Extremely weak,
barely audible. But 21-04 seems to be out again. (MÃndez)

GREECE, 9420, Voice of Greece, Avlis, 2010-2040, 19-04, Greek, live
basketball Euroleague match between Real Madrid and Panathinaikos.
45444. (MÃndez)

GUINEA, 9650, Radio Guinea, Conakry, 0715-0805, 19-04, open today at
about 0715, African songs, French, comments, âLa Radiodiffusion
Television Nationalâ, âRadio GuinÃeâ. 44444. (MÃndez)

5995, Radio Mali, Bamako, *0557-0610, 17-04, open with Vernacular
comments, tuning music and id. âVous ecoutez la Office de Radiodiffusion
Television du Mali emettant de Bamako...â, Vernacular comments. 35433.
Also *1800-1850, 17-04, open with tuning music, id. Vernacular comments,
African songs, some comments in French, âORTM, la passion du service
publicâ. 44444. (MÃndez)

9635, Radio Mali, Bamako, 1745-1759*, 17-04, Vernacular comments,
African songs, tuning music, close and open on 5995. 34433. (MÃndez)

NIGERIA, 7254.9, Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu, Nigeria, *0600-0610, 18-04,
tuning music, Hausa program. 35433. (MÃndez)

OMAN, 9620, Radio Oman, Muscat, 1420-1429, 20-04, pop songs in English.
43433. (MÃndez)

ROMANIA/ITALY, 9510, Radio City via IRRS Nexus, Saftica, *0800-0810,
20-04, "This is IRRS in Milano signing on", "Radio City the Station of
the Cars..., "Radio Ciudad La Voz de los Coches", pop songs and comments
in English. 45444. (MÃndez)

TAJIKISTAN, 4765, Tajik Radio, Dushanbe, 1839-1846, 17-04, Tajik,
comments. 15321. (MÃndez)

Vatican Radio, 1935-2025*, 19-04, Special Easter Holy Friday program
âVia Crucisâ.
7360, Santa Maria di Galeria, English, âVia Crucisâ and classic music.
9705, Santa Maria di Galeria, French, âVia Crucisâ and classic music.
9800, Santa Maria di Galeria, âArabic, âVia Crucisâ and classic music.
11630, Santa Maria di Galeria, Portuguese, âVia Crucisâ and classic
music. 35433. (MÃndez)

Vatican Radio, *1820-2005, 20-04, Easter Vigil program
7315, Santa Maria di Galeria, Chinese. 45444
7360, Santa Maria di Galeria, English. 45444
9705, Santa Maria di Galeria French. 45444
9800, Santa Maria di Galeria, Arabic. 35444
11630, Santa Maria di Galeria, Portuguese. 35444. (MÃndez)

Vatican Radio, 0820-0850, 21-04, Holy Mass Easter Sunday
13815, Santa Maria di Galeria, English. 44444
15430, Santa Maria di Galeria, Arabic. 34444
15490, Santa Maria di Galeria, Portuguese. 24322
15575, Santa Maria di Galeria, French. 45444. (MÃndez)

4965, Voice of Hope Africa, Lusaka1850-1903*, 18-04, English, religious
comments and songs, id. â From Zambia, This is The Voice of Hope Africa,
broadcasting on 6065 and 4965 kHz, ... closing down..â. 25322. // 6065.

5915, Zambia NBC Radio 1, Lusaka, 1850-1902, 18-04, Vernacular comments.
Strong QRM on 5910 and 5920. 21321. (MÃndez)

11685, Voice of Hope Africa, Lusaka, 0535-0548, 19-04, English,
religious comments and songs. 14321. (MÃndez)

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