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two Holy Quran BSKSA Riyadh spur on 15154.970 and 15254.964 kHz S here in southern Germany at 1620 UT April 10  View Printable Version 
Monday, April 10 2017


SAUDI ARABIA Came across of two symmetric spurious signals of Holy Quaran
prayer from Riyadh Saudi Arabic in 1600-1630 UT today April 10 here in
southern Germany.

Fundamental BSKSA HQ px Riyadh 15204.967 kHz 500 kW at 320 degr towards
Western Europe and North America, broadband 20 kHz wide.
spurious on 15154.970 and 15254.964 kHz S=9 here in southern Germany
at 1620 UT April 10.
13710.018 kHz, 17560 kHz even fq.

MADAGASCAR 15150 Radio Dabanga ID also 1600-1629 UT.
Stn ID at 1612 UT, via Talata Volondry, S=9+25dB in southern Germany.

OMAN 15140even Radio Sultanate Oman from Thumrait, tremendous signal
S=9+50dB powerhouse, phone-in program, 14 kHz wideband signal. 1610 UT

MALI 15125.000 even CRI Bamakao Arabic sce, little modulated.
S=9+10dB today in Western Hungary site. 1603 UT April 10.

SWAZILAND 15104.983 TWR Africa in Kir. language S=9+5dB in southern

1608 UT on April 10.

73 wb

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Fw: Atlantic 2000 on the air in a few minutes  View Printable Version 
Sunday, April 09 2017


Manuel MÃndez
Lugo, Spain

------ Mensaje reenviado ------
De: "Atlantic 2000 International" <atlantic2000international@gmail.com>
Para: "Listeners" <atlantic2000international@gmail.com>
Enviado: 09/04/2017 20:55:11
Asunto: Atlantic 2000 on the air in a few minutes

1900 UTC on 6070 kHz + stream

Visit our website :

El software de antivirus Avast ha analizado este correo electrÃnico en busca de virus.
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Stations heard in Friol and Lugo last days  View Printable Version 
Sunday, April 09 2017


Manuel MÃndez
Lugo, Spain

Logs in Lugo and Friol
Tecsun PL-880, Sangean ATS-909X, cable antenna, 8 meters

ANGOLA, 4949.8, Radio Nacional de Angola, Mulenvos, 1910-1950, 08-04,
Portuguese, comments. 14321. (MÃndez)

ANTARCTICA, 15476, LRA 36, Radio Nacional ArcÃngel San Gabriel, Base
Esperanza, 1920-2010, 07-04, songs, comments by female. Extremely weak,
only audible on USB. 14321. (MÃndez)

5952.40, Radio Pio XII, Siglo XX, 2311-2120, 08-04, Spanish, comments,
female and male, Bolivian songs, some Quechua comments. 23322. (MÃndez)

6184.83, Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 2307-2321, 08-04,
Spanish, comments, male, "Nuestras propiedades...,", "Buenas tardes",
Bolivian songs. 13321. (MÃndez)

4875.1, Radiodifusora Roraima, Boavista, 0320-0328, 09-04, pop songs in
English and Brazilian songs. 24322. (MÃndez)

4885, Radio Clube do ParÃ, BelÃm, 0510-0550, 09-04, Brazilian songs,
"Bom dÃa para vocà aqui na madrugada". 24322. (Mendez)

9630, Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 0732-0743, 09-04, religious, "Santo
Rosario". 14321. (MÃndez)

9674.9, Radio CanÃao Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, 0705-0730, 09-04,
Portuguese, religious songs and comments, id. "CanÃao Nova". 14321.

9819.0, Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, 2020-2037, 08-04, Portuguese,
religious comments. 14321. (MÃndez)

10000 Time Signal Station Observario Nacional, Rio de Janeiro,
0806-0820, 09-04, time signals, female voice announcements:
"Observatorio Nacional 5 horas, 6 minutos, 30 segundos". Interference
from Italcable. 12321. (MÃndez)

11735, Radio Transmundial, Santa MarÃa, 2003-2035, 08-04, Portuguese,
religious comments, id. "Transmundial". Interference from Zanzibar.
21321. (MÃndez)

11815, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 2012-2040, 08-04, Brazilian songs,
Portuguese, id. "Radio Brasil Central". 23322. (MÃndez)

11895, Radio Boa Vontande, Porto Alegre, 2042-2055, 08-04, Portuguese,
religious comments and songs. 14321. (MÃndez)

15190, Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, 1901-2010, 08-04,
Portuguese, comments, id. "... Rede Inconfidencia de Radio, Belo
Horizonte, Minas Gerias, Brasil", Brazilian songs, advertisements.
24322. (MÃndez)

5910, AlcaravÃn Radio, Puerto Lleras, 2317-2323, 08-04, Spanish,
religious comments. 14321
Also 0540-0630, 09-04, Latin American songs, "Boleros" and other songs,
id. "AlcaravÃn Radio". 24322. (MÃndez)

6010.1, La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras, 2319-2325, 08-04,
Spanish, religious comments. 13321.
Also 0701-0725, 09-04, religious songs and comments, Spanish. 14321.

CUBA, 4765, Radio Progreso, La Habana, 0318-0325, 09-04, Cuban songs.
44444. (MÃndez)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA, 5005, Radio Nacional, Bata, *0535-0546, 09-04, At
first only carrier detected and later some songs. Very weak, barely
audible. 14321. (MÃndez)

5950, Voice of Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa, 1820-1837, 08-04, East
African songs, Vernacular comments. 34433. (MÃndez)

6110, Rado Fana, Addis Ababa, 1830-1850, 08-04, East African songs.
24322. (MÃndez)

6070, Atlantic 2000 International via Rohrbach, 0850-0859*, 08-04, pop
music, French, comments, id. "Atlantic 2000 International". 14321.

GUINEA, 9650, Radio Guinea, Conakry, 0835-0850, 09-04, French, comments
and news, id. "Radio GuinÃe". 43443. (MÃndez)

LIBERIA, 6050, ELWA Radio, Monrovia, 0630-0650, 09-04, English,
religious songs. 24322. (MÃndez)

MALI, 9635, Radio Mali, Bamako, *0800-0812, 09-04, tuning music, French,
id. comments. 13221. (MÃndez)

MEXICO, 6185, Radio EducaciÃn, Ciudad de MÃxico, 0325-0330, 09-04,
Spanish, comments. 13321
Also 0452-0508*, 09-04, classic music, "Radio EducaciÃn presentÃ:
Mujeres Compositoras". 24322. (MÃndez)

NIGERIA, 7255. Voice of Nigeria, Ikorodu, 1844-1853, 08-04, English,
comments, id. "Voice of Nigeria". 24322. (MÃndez)

SOMALILAND, 7120, Radio Hargeisa, Hargeisa, 1842-1855, 08-04, Vernacular
comments. 22322. (MÃndez)

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EMTech ZM2 QRP Tuner  View Printable Version 
Sunday, April 09 2017

Any of my ham or SW friends have an EMTech ZM2 QRP tuner? It works great in
tuning up a long wire on the shortwave bands.

They are out of stock of all of them due to a lack of parts and I need a
new one.

If you have one in great condition and want to sell it, message me!
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


La Rosa de Tokio para este fin de semana: homenaje a LS10 Radio del Plata  View Printable Version 
Saturday, April 08 2017

La Rosa de Tokio es un programa dedicado a difundir el apasionante mundo de la
radio y del diexismo que se transmite semanalmente desde los estudios de LS11
Radio Provincia de Buenos Aires.

En el programa de este fin de semana haremos un homenaje a LS10 Radio Del Plata y analizaremos especialmente su historia y su delicado presente.
No se pierdan los archivos de audio histÃricos con los cuales se "ilustra"
cada programa.

La Rosa de Tokio puede ser escuchada los dÃas sÃbados de 23:00 a 24:00 Tiempo
Universal Coordinado (20:00 a 21:00 hora LU) por los 1270 Khz y en Internet por
AdemÃs, una extensa red de emisoras de frecuencia modulada de toda la RepÃblica
Argentina retransmite en forma semanal nuestro programa en diferentes dÃas y
La Rosa de Tokio tambiÃn sale por onda corta gracias a las facilidades brindadas
por WRMI Radio Miami Internacional (http://www.wrmi.net
TambiÃn puede ser escuchada en cualquier momento entrando en la pÃgina
ProgramasDX y haciendo "click" en http://programasdx.com/larosadetokio.htm
Desde este vÃnculo tambiÃn podrÃn acceder al archivo que recaba ediciones
anteriores del programa.
La Rosa de Tokio es producida y conducida por Omar Josà Somma y Arnaldo Leonel
Slaen y cuenta con la colaboraciÃn habitual de RubÃn Guillermo Margenet, desde
Rosario y Alejandro Daniel Alvarez, desde Neuquen.
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