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Logs  View Printable Version 
Monday, October 01 2018

The videos with the log eavesdropping are on my blog:

DX-Jorge Freitas

| |
DX-Jorge Freitas




9955 30Set 1048 USA RMI in Spanish. Om presents a dexist program. A rarity to get any signal from the RMI so soon. Even in the Boa Vista SDR signal is just reasonable. In the SDR of Belem at 1107 the signal already degrades. Weak signal, constant audio. 25432 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
11775 30Set 1652 ANGUILLA (relay) Caribbean Beacon in English. Preaching by Yl. Beginning of arrival of the signal, when the afternoon spread begins to improve. Weak signal but constant audio. 25432 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
11745 30Set 2023 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA Al-Azm Radio in Arabic. called to prayer. reasonable signal. 35433 250 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9425 30Set 2037 NORTH KOREA Voice of Korea in Korean. National anthem. Reasonable sign. 35433 200 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9265 29Set 2224 USA WINB in ââEnglish. Om with emphatic preaching. The signal is reasonable. 35433. 50 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9180 29Set 2246 TAIWAN (Attempt) SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng. Om speaks a little emphatically. No trace of it being a CNR broadcast. at 2200 ot stop talking and enter music. I have already heard it a few years ago with this transmission feature and Chinese dexists have confirmed the listening. The signal is very weak, but there are clear audio peaks and at certain time you hear constant audio. (Jorge Freitas-B)
5830 30Set 0041 USA WTWW in English. Om preaches, but not as emphatically as others. The signal is weak, but I have constant audio. 25432 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
5050 30Set 0103 USA WWRB in English. Yl pleats. Weak signal but constant audio. 25432 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9490 30Set 0212 FRANCE (Relay) Radio Republica in Spanish. Om with anti-Cuba speech. Weak signal. 25432 150 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9955 30Set 0222 USA (Relay) RMI Radio Prague in Spanish. This station deserves the consideration of the radios with attention to its good programming. As the years go by and she continues to give her listeners a short wave program, not from Czechoslovakia, but from the RMI retransmitters in the USA. Today it arrives with a reasonable signal that can be improved by increasing the volume of the radio, with very little static noise. 35443 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
15000 30Set 0245 USA WWVH, Hawaii, female voice. Reasonable sign. (Jorge Freitas-B)
9500 28Set 1838 SWAZILAND TWR in Arabic. Om speaks. With a good but moderate QRM signal from Radio Romania on the same frequency. 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9445 28set 1848 INDIA All India Radio in English. Indicative music. The signal is reasonable with moderate fading. 250 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9570 28Set 1855 MADAGASCAR KNLS in Russian. End of transmission, final considerations in English and closing at 1856. Reasonable signal, with moderate noise. 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9755 28Set 1900 MADAGASCAR KNLS in Russian. Beginning of the program by OM and soon after gospel pop music. The signal is reasonable with moderate fading. 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9940 28Set 1908 SWAZILAND TWR in Lingala. Om speaks and then religious hymn in chorus. The Sign is good. 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
11680 28Set 1916 MADAGASCAR AWR in Arabic. A religious hymn and then speaks of Om. The signal is reasonable. 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
11720 28Set 1920 BOTSWANA (relay) VOA in Tigrynia. Om speaks. The signal is reasonable but moderate fading. 100 kW (jorge Freitas-B)
11780 28Set 1925 BRAZIL RÃdio Nacional da AmazÃnia in Portuguese. Yl features a message scout program. The signal is good, this week the RNA signal was all good throughout its transmission time. Congratulations to RNA. Unknown power (Jorge Freitas-B)
11965 28Set 1932 MADAGASCAR KNLS in Arabic. Om and Yl speak. The signal is good. 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
12160 28Set 1939 USA WWCR in English. Om and Yl have a program. The signal is reasonable. 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
7205 28Sep 1957 SUDAN Sudan Radio in Arabic. Om speaks. The signal is reasonable with slight fading 100 kW. (Jorge Freitas-B)
7280 28Sep 2004 VIETNAM Voice of Vietnam in German. Yl presents news. The signal is reasonable over moderate fading. 100 kW (Jorge Freitas-B)
9650 27set2018 1717 No signal from Radio Guinea since early morning. Certainly out of thin air. (Jorge Freitas-B)
11635 27Set2018 1810 NORTH KOREA Voice of Korea in French. Yl talks. Suffers moderate QRM from Cuba Spy Numbers. See the video below (Jorge Freitas-B)
9690 27Set2018 1821 NIGERIA Voice of Nigeria in English. Yl talks and music. The signal is good but has suffered slight QRM since the CRI in 9695. (Jorge Freitas-B)
9310 27Set2018 1830 THAILAND (Relay) VOA Deewa Radio in Paste Yl interview a man in the studio, everything indicates that a singer and between the lines Afghan music. The signal is good. (Jorge Freitas-B)
9380 27Set2018 1840 INDIA All India Radio in Hindi. Om and Yl present news. To 1841 Indian music. The signal is weak over moderate fading. (Jorge Freitas-B)
10000 27Set2018 1847 BRAZIL National Observatory, official time of Brazil. Good sign. (Jorge Freitas-B)
11780 27Set2018 1935 BRAZIL National Radio of the Amazon. Near-local sign all day so far
Jorge FreitasÂLocal time -3 UTÂFeira de Santana Bahia 12Â14ÂS 38Â58ÂW -ÂBrasilTecsun PL-310ETAntenna Delta LoopÂ
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


Glenn Hauser logs September 29-30, 2018  View Printable Version 
Sunday, September 30 2018


DX LISTENING DIGEST 18-39 is now available:

** CHAD [non]. 12050, Sept 29 at 2057, African song, 2058 sign-off in
French mentions Ndarason at least thrice, i.e. R. Ndarason
Internationale, HQ Ndjamena, targeting Chad side of Lake Chad region,
offshoot of R Dandal Kura for Nigerian side. This 18-21 transmission,
250 kW at 65 degrees from ASCENSION, allegedly only in Kanuri, is
normally very difficult to hear here, as it totally collides with WEWN
in Spanish at 14-24, 100 kW at 165 degrees from Vandiver AL, per
Aoki/NDXC, the only two stations anywhen on 12050. Today, would not
even know WEWN exist, except for SAH of 2 Hz, and JBA carrier once
Ascension off at 2059.5*, after RNI concluded with a few seconds of
native wind instruments, IS? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COLOMBIA. 5910.5, Sept 30 at 0618, no signal around here, unlike 24
hours earlier with presumed AlcaravÃn Radio reactivated (Glenn Hauser,

** CUBA. 5025 & 5040, Sept 30 at 0012, both 60m frequencies seem off,
but a JBA carrier on 5025, probably R. Quillabamba, PerÃ. RHC 6060 is
on as usual. Something`s always wrong at RadioCuba (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** CUBA. 6000, Sept 30 at 0613, RHC English is suptorted at S9+20;
6060 VG with music; 6100 undermodulated. At 0614 I get to 6165,
sufficiently modulated at S9+20 but to discover it is in Esperanto!
NOT English. Then go back and check 6100, 6060 and 6000, and find them
all // in Esperanto too --- which is not supposed to be on until 0700
UT Sundays and on only one of the 49m frequencies. Something`s always
wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 15230, Sunday Sept 30 at 1343, RHC is S9 but JBM suptorted
during `En Contacto`; much weaker but louder on poor // 17730, while
13700 & 13740 are inbooming, even splattering. Aside from the
modulation problems, Arnie`s voice is more and more broken up and we
fear he be ailing; takes turns with suave YL hostess reading his
script (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. 9894.57, Sept 29 at 2049, suptorted French at S4-S5, no
doubt R. Caire, nominal 9895 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. 8424-CW, Sept 30 at 0109, [Dash] DE SVO, ID marker over &
over from diehard Olympia Radio, and none like it to be heard
elsewhere on the 8 or anyMHz band (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

** NORTH AMERICA. 6870-USB, Sept 30 at 0013, rock music with rough
reduced? carrier; familiar tunes including 0017 ``Girl from Ipanema``
in Brazuguese and English; 0022 YL ID as ``Mix Radio International``,
S9+10 pirate and roughly equivalent to the 100 kW from Nauen on 5960
for non-pirate Mighty Farty KBC. 0046 ``Wichita Lineman``, 0057
``Gentle on My Mind``, still on past 0105+. Many more logs here, no
one mentioning rough modulation, some even lauding her sound:

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 1949 monitoring: confirmed UT
Sunday September 30 at 0326 on WA0RCR, 1860-AM, Wentzville MO,
S9+20/30, as I continue to be impressed by signal quality out to 450-
mile radius and probably further in all direxions as storm noise level
has diminished; 5 minutes into so started circa 0321 this week.

Ivo Ivanov, Bulgaria, confirms that Hamburger Lokalradio is again
unheard this weekend:
``Today Sept 30 AGAIN no signal of Hamburger Lokalradio on 9485 kHz
Today AGAIN [Sept 29] no signal from Hamburger Lokalradio HLR on 6190
kHz CUSB 0631-0700 GOH 001 kW / 230 deg CeEu English Sat-WOR #1949``

[9955 was a surprise new frequency last week for 2130 Sunday; so need
to reconfirm this week:]
2130 UT Sunday WRMI 7780 to NE, 9955 to SSE
2330 UT Sunday WBCQ 9330v [maybe] to WSW
0300vUT Monday WBCQ 5130v Area 51 to WSW
0330 UT Monday WRMI 9955 to SSE
2330 UT Monday WBCQ 9330v [maybe] to WSW
0030 UT Tuesday WRMI 7730 [or 1950?] to WNW

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite:

** U S A. 7570 // 7730, Sept 30 at 0107, WRMI with Arabic, Bibling?
from Alameda? both VG. On the skedgrids, both are shown as Overcomer
after 0100. It`s not clear whether there is some connexion between TOM
and ABF. Someone did report that Brother Scare is now fascinated with
some software allowing his own words of wisdom to be translated into
other languages. But how to maintain the original hystairical tone??

** U S A. 5085, Sat Sept 29 at 2345, WTWW-2 with `Theater Organ in the
Ozarx` in progress, last tune starting at 2405, and theme not finished
until 0010 UT Sept 30, for -- what else --- a hamad by Ted. Nominally
from 2330, so when did it really start, or was it 40 minutes long? New
time ex-0100v UT Sun, is bad for me as it conflicts with other
favorite programming.

What about 15810v, WTWW-3 transmitter, which for a while was //-2 or
-1 at various times of day including this? 15809.938 was last heard
August 18 as in DXLD 18-34 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 5038 & 5044 & 5056 & 5062, Sept 30 at 0011, first- and
second-order filthy modulation spurs out of 5050 WWRB are parasiting
it again; but 5040 RHC avoids the problem by being AWOL; also 5062 is
hard to trace unlike the others, as previously measured precisely.
Fortunately, WWRB is active only two or three nights a week and on
these frequencies only (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 5970, Sept 30 at 0612, WEWN is S9 of dead air. I`ll bet
nohuman at EWTN is awake to keep an ear on it. See also CHAD [non]

UNIDENTIFIED. Trans-Atlantic JBA MW carrier search, Sept 30 at 0618:
558, *585, 603, 621(2), 639, 666, 729, 747, 774, 801, *837(2), 855(2),
882, 936(2), 999, 1017(2), 1044, 1098, 1107, 1125, 1134(2), 1152, 1215
---- zzzz as fall asleep before completion. *stronger ones; (2) = at
least two carriers beating (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 6135, Sept 30 at 1331, S8-S5 open carrier or maybe JBM.
Most likely it`s Voice of Freedom, Korea South, but no jamming; and
surely too much, too early to be Madagascar tho scheduled until 1500.
Yet current Aoki/NDXC dated Sept 30 lacks any VOF on 6135, just NK
jamming for 20.6 hpd. As of Sept 26, VOF was on 6045 per Ron Howard
but it periodically jumps around among a set of alternates, escaping
jamming for a few days each (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1939 UT September 30
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


Log 0445-0605 UT in remote Doha Qatar rx SDR unit.  View Printable Version 
Sunday, September 30 2018


Log 0445-0605 UT in remote Doha Qatar rx SDR unit.

9410.106 UAE few / two TX units at Al Dhabbaya are always odd
frequency these days. BBC Arabic via UAE at 0450 UT,
scheduled 04-05 UT. S=8-9 signal in ME skip zone at Qatar site.
9479.988 UAE BBC Persian via Al Dhabbaya-UAE at 0455 UT,
scheduled 0430-0530 UT, S=9+10dB signal strength.
9550 D__ BVB High Adventure Gospel - Bible Voice Broadcasting,
proper signal in UAE remote SDR rx, via MBR Nauen Germany
125 kW limited power. Scheduled English 0445-0515 UT Suns only
S=9+30dB or -43dBm signal strength.
Most modern religious program, mx/singer progr at 0502 UT.
11.2 kHz wideband signal, excellent audio quality.

9800 IRN IRIB Zahedan in Arabic NE/ME service, powerhouse at
S=9+35dB or -44dBm signal level, little overmodulated.
IRIB Sirjan on
7410 also most powerhouse S=9+50dB or -30dBm.
And accompanied symmetrical two spurious signal bands
some 64 Hertz apart distance either side of 9800 kHz, on:

9725-9743 and
9857-9875 kHz wideband range S=9 spur. Latter hit heavily NHK program
in ME/SaudiArabia peninsula target on
9860 CVA NHK Radio Japan Tokyo, via SMG Santa Maria di Galeria
250 kW to all Africa 184 degr. English sce 0500-0530 UT.

5959.875 KWT Odd fq of Radio Kuwait. Al-Quds news/commentary
in Arabic language at 0515 UT on Sept 30.
S=9+35dB or -43dBm powerful signal.
11745 ARS Al-Azm Radio in Arabic to Saudi Forces contingent
in Yemen national war. At 0535 UT on Sept 30,
Holy Quran prayer program, S=8 signal noted in Doha Qatar
remote SDR installation.
11790 MDG RFI Paris in Swahili / partly Arabic sounded, 0539 UT
via TDF FMO organized via MGLOB Talata Volonondry outlet
Madagascar relay facility, scheduled 0530-0600 UT.
S=7-8 power signal noted in Doha Qatar at 0555 UT.
11860 ARS Republic of Yemen Radio via Saudi Arabian txion
centers. In Arabic at 0549 UT on Sept 30, S=8 signal
noted in Doha Qatar remote SDR installation.
11926-11930 kHz distorted audio small band English language outlet.
The interconnection is not really clarified ...
probably origin of transmission
11870 CHN CRI English from Kashgar site in western China,
also distorted bad audio audio outlet, 500 kW at 239 degrs,
0600-0700 UT, S=9+35dB or -44dBm strength. 0605 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 30)
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


Glenn Hauser logs September 28-29, 2018  View Printable Version 
Saturday, September 29 2018

** COLOMBIA. 5910.500, Sept 29 at 0559, JBA carrier with trace of
modulation, presumed HJDH AlcaravÃn Radio reactivated, ex-closer to
5910.3v. Nothing heard till now on almost nightly bandscans. Had been
missing for a couple months due to multiple problems described by QSL
manager Rafael RodrÃguez R., via Manuel MÃndez, in DXLD 18-39:
electrical supply, damaged transmitter, copper theft and bridge washed
out! Nothing heard from the other HJDH, 6010, The Voice of Thy
Conscience (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 6000 = 6165, Sept 28 at 0220, both RHC English frequencies
are just barely modulated. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn

** CUBA. 6060, Sept 28 at 0559, this RHC English frequency is off, and
so I think is 6100, or JBA; 6165 is S9 & undermodulated; 6000 is S9+10
and best; at 0600, 5040 at S9+30 with distorted modulation just before
cutting to dead air. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser,

** CUBA. 7360, Sept 28 at 2336, big blob of S9 to S9+20 distorted
music centered here, // RHC 11760. Must be the 7330 transmitter which
is missing. EiBi shows that one this hour only is Bauta site, while
before and after in 21-04 UT span it`s Bejucal --- which means it may
have been in whack on nominal 7330 except during this hour.
Something`s always (very) wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

** CUBA. 5040, Sept 28 at 2351, RHC English is distorted with
clicking; // 11880 has different distortion and is aclickous.
Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

** HAWAII. 5000, Sept 29 at 0604, WWVH announcing that marine weather
broadcasts during certain minutes will be discontinued October 31;
contact info. Did not hear whole thing, so not sure if done deal.
Presumably also applies to WWV; they make such announcements at :03
and :04 past the hours, at least (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

** KUWAIT. 11629.757, Sept 28 at 1405, poor in Arabic talk: another of
MOI`s off-frequencies, nominal 11630 at 1300-1600, 250 kW at 230
degrees from Sulaibiyah. At 1426 in Qur`an; I guess that`s about
vespertime (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6930-USB, Sept 28 at 2326, unID pirate with protest
folksong, S4 about even with noise level; 2329 off or pause; retune
2330 to hear synthom enumerating testicle sizes of various creatures
starting with Greek god statues, countdown to an insect as percent of
total weight. How enlightening. Also as UnID in this thread:
Off at 2352 recheck; others say it was off by 2337 (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** NORTH AMERICA. 7465, Sept 28 at 0253, YHWH on here again tonight,
S9 but undermodulated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. Re: KWTV repacking starts --- KWTV ``9`` OKC, tests on RF
25 continue, seen mostly weekdays, but not nights or weekends. Photo
as first seen, and I know I need a better camera setup; this one has a
hard time auto-focusing on the screen.

On Sept 26 I had a good view of the NE OKC antenna farm; must have
been at least 10 high towers. It would be interesting to see a map of
exactly which stations are on which, FM, TV, and whatever. Meanwhile
more replies have come in to my original report, from Doug Smith, of
W9WI.com in Tennessee, Sept 25 on the WTFDA gg:

``KWTV received Special Temporary Authority to transition early, in
Phase 1. They seemed concerned they wouldn't be able to swap out
antennas in time in Phase 2.

They received a permit at the end of June for an "auxiliary" physical
25 facility, 1000 kW @ 331 m (on the same tower as the "main" physical
25 -- and the pre-repack physical 39 -- but 147 m lower).

I believe you're seeing that auxiliary facility. I think they plan to
operate on that facility for a while (how long I have no idea) while
they remove the existing RF 39 antenna and replace it with one for RF

The FCC put out a Public Notice a couple of weeks ago warning repacked
stations they are not to program both channels at the same time. They
did however say it's fine to run test patterns on the post-repack
channel while programming the pre-repack facility.

Looking at other OKC-market stations --- As Chris Lucas says, every
station that's moving (except KWTV) is moving in Phase 2. In general
the FCC is trying to move every station in a market in the same phase,
but they couldn't always accomplish that.

KAUT-TV 40=>19; moving to a tower across Britton Road from KOCO-TV.
KETA-TV not affected [already on 13]
KFOR-TV Stays on 27 but has applied to move to the same Britton Road
tower as KAUT. No action yet from FCC.
KOCB Not affected [already on 33]
KOCM 46=>16; moving to a tower on Ridgeway Road just southeast
KOCO-TV Not affected, just a useful landmark :) [already on RF 7]
KOHC-CD 45=>31
KOKH-TV Not affected [already on 24]
KOMI-CD Stays on 34 but has permit to move to the KMZE-FM 92.3 tower
west of Sharon. (station licensed to Woodward)
KOPX-TV 50=>18; moving to the same Britton Road tower as KAUT.
KSBI Not affected [already on 23, but still underpowered]
KTBO-TV Not affected [already on 15]
KTUZ-TV Not affected [already on 25]
KUOK Not affected. Went temporarily dark around July 20th.
KUOK-CD Stays on 36 but has permit to increase power to 15 kW.
KUOT-CD 19=>21
KWET Not affected (Cheyenne) [OETA way off in western OK, not OKC!]
KWTV-DT 39=>25

Oh, regarding the bar/dot/beep --- That serves a couple of purposes.

Firstly, the motion proves you actually have a working circuit :)
Digital transmission paths buffer frames in memory -- which means if
the path fails, one or more pieces of equipment will continue to
display the last complete frame received. So instead of going black,
the picture will freeze.

If there's no motion, you don't know it froze!

Secondly, lip sync. In analog TV, the sound and picture are
transmitted simultaneously. There are two separate paths.

In digital, there is only one path. The signal is transmitted in
"packets" of 188 bytes of data. A packet may be part of a frame of
video, or it might be part of a frame of audio (or it might be some
program guide data, or part of the station name display, etc.).

The receiver stores these packets and has to be told when to display
each one. You want a frame of video displayed on the screen at the
same time the associated bit of audio plays out the speakers (there
are "Presentation Time Stamps" to take care of that).

The transmission methods inside the TV station are very different but
still usually involve sending bursts of audio and video down the same

Having the sound beep at the same time the dot reaches a predictable
place ensures the time stamps are working properly so the sound and
picture line up when an actual program is broadcast. (We can
generally deal with the sound arriving "too late" -- that happens in
real life, because light travels faster than sound. Having the sound
arrive "too early", on the other hand, doesn't happen in nature and is
VERY apparent!)`` (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non?]. WORLD OF RADIO 1949 monitoring: confirmed
Saturday September 29 from just before 1231 on Unique Radio, NSW via
WINB 9265V, fair with usual wobbling carrier, altho if carefully
centered one may listen in SSB.

NOT confirmed, Sat Sept 29 in 1431-1500 period on Hamburger
Lokalradio, 6190-CUSB; rather very weak Chinese talk and music via
UTwente SDR. Alan Gale, England, did not hear even that:

``Hi Glenn, Yet another HLR no-show by the look of things, I didn't
hear anything at all on 6190 kHz this afternoon, and no sign of the
Chinese station either. I also checked 7265 at various times as well
just in case, but nothing on there either. Channel 292 was coming in
okay [6070 Germany] so it doesn't look like a propagation issue.
Alan`` ---- Next:

1930vUT Saturday WA0RCR 1860-AM non-direxional
2130 UT Saturday WBCQ 9330v [maybe, or 2330?] to WSW
0300vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM non-direxional
1030 UT Sunday HLR 9485-CUSB Germany to WSW
2130 UT Sunday WRMI 7780 to NE, 9955 to SSE
2330 UT Sunday WBCQ 9330v [maybe] to WSW
0300vUT Monday WBCQ 5130v Area 51 to WSW
0330 UT Monday WRMI 9955 to SSE
2330 UT Monday WBCQ 9330v [maybe] to WSW
0030 UT Tuesday WRMI 7730 [or 1950?] to WNW

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite:

** U S A. (7490), UT Sat Sept 29 from 0000, WBCQ webcast with `Allan
Weiner Worldwide`. Altho he ``doesn`t want to get political``
(really?) starts right off still supporting Kavanaugh and denouncing
Democrats-Socialists-Communists. I leave it to John H Carver, Jr., for
a fuller report:

``Show started on time on 7490. Comments over the theme song this even
were, Run for cover, No one is safe, I've had it, If you have a penis
you're in danger. Pens immediately with comments about the hearings
for the new Supreme Court Justice.

Angela, Allan and Tom in the studio with Robert in the background.
Eighteen minutes or so are devoted to the problems in the government,
the problems in congress and excessive taxation. TimTron speaks up
from the background to balance the discussion and suggests that we
make a clean sweep of Congress and replace everyone.

Phone call at 0019 with comments and questions about the superstation.
Answering the first question asked, says that the concrete pad
supporting the new antenna is underground on the bedrock and is forty
by forty feet and twelve feet high. Lots and lots of rebar in the pad.
Allan said they would be posting pictures of the prep work done on the
concrete pad. He said they had been taking pictures since the first
scoop of dirt was picked up and they would eventually release all of
the pictures online in some sort of an album.

Allan also said that all aspects of the station will have manual,
analog backups per his instructions so a broadcast is not halted
because of a digital failure somewhere in the chain.

He also mentioned some of the problems he had with putting the station
together. When he called about a transmitter that big, the transmitter
company didn't believe him and it took a while to convince them that
he was serious about it. He mentioned that it took six months for the
power company to take him seriously about the power requirements for
the new station. In fact, he had already made plans to bypass the
power company and generate his own power for the station. Upon hearing
this the power company finally decided to talk to him. He had planned
to build two diesel generators and some underground fuel bunkers.

Another phone call at 0045 from Freddie about rewiring Monticello,
battles with the power company and the transmitter company and their
not believing him in the first place.

Quick prayer at 0058 and show was off at 0059. Dead Frog Radio
beginning at 0100. Robert announced that the `Dead Frog`this evening
was a two hour live show and that next week the show would probably
only be an hour and after that depended on whether or not money could
be raised to buy more airtime. John Mid-North Indiana``

** U S A. 7730, Sept 28 at 2334, WRMI with Indonesian Bible readings
from Alameda; are these running at random? Surely not with any likely
target areas in mind (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 5950, Sept 28 at 2341, more off-kilter programming from this
WRMI: toward end of a `Wavescan` with old Harold Sellers logs, i.e.
Sound of Hope 6370 at 1117, which was on June 22! So it`s the same
stale episode heard the last week or two. But also happens to include
something timely by chance: Wolfgang Bueschel about Radio Nikkei`s
reduced schedule effective October 1. 2346 greeting Graham Bell in
South Africa who heard WS well via Zambia; next week`s feature topic
to be 2YA; Zimbabwean music fill.

But this time not followed by another WS. Instead, at the odd time of
2350 switches to `Francisco y Ernesto` dialog, i.e. Frank & Earnest in
Spanish. Meanwhile there has been het from Pio XII Bolivia 5952.4+

** U S A. 9350, Sept 28 at 2355, rock music at S7-S5. Despite poor
signal now (like neighbor 9475 WTWW), this must be WWCR-2, scheduled
20-24 UT thru October; earlier in afternoon it blasts in. Slow-loading
pdf program schedule shows at 23-24 UT Friday`s it`s `The Last Radio
Playing` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. Trans-Atlantic JBA MW carrier search, Sept 28 at 0237-
0244: 531, 549, 585, 639, 684, 729, 747, 774, 837, 855, 936, 999,
1008, 1017, 1044, 1107, 1125, 1134, 1215, 1269, 1305, 1539, 1575. One
of these times, I`ll go thru the listings and display the most likely
sources (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. T-A JBA MW carrier search, Sept 29 at 0615+: 1305, 1269,
1215, 1152, 1134, 1125, 1116, *1107, 1098, 1089, 1044, 999, 936, 882,
837(2), 774, 747, 711(2), 693, 684, 639, 621. *stronger; (2) at least
two carriers beating (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 7385-7390, Sept 28 at 0552-0554* tones sweeping up and
down roughly across this range (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report despatched at 1742 UT September 29
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JRX Logs: Setembro28, 2018.  View Printable Version 
Friday, September 28 2018

JRX Logs: Setembro28, 2018.

Receptor (es): Degen DE1103 & Tecsun S-2000.

** 790. Set 28, 2018. 0242-0300, Radio Mitre, Buenos Aires-ARG, em Espanhol. Locutores comentaristas fazem uma retrospectiva sobre a partida de futebol pela Copa Libertadores e entrevista alguns participantes e dirigentes; ID vÃrias vezes. Nesta noite, Radio Mitre praticamente sozinha nesta frequÃncia, neste horÃrio: VÃo-se as brasileiras e chegam as argentinas e outras mais! NÃo lembro ter sintonizado Radio Mitre em alguma Ãpoca, portanto, esta parece ser a primeira! Emissora com recepÃÃo satisfatÃria, 35533.

** 620. Set 28, 2018. 0304-0316, Radio AssunÃÃo Cearense, Fortaleza-CE. Apresentador faz uma breve prece cristà e dà inÃcio ao seu programa musical com solicitaÃÃes de mÃsicas pelos ouvintes, via mensagens. Foram pedidas e executadas trÃs mÃsicas de Roberto Carlos, comeÃando por "Amada, Amante". Radio AssunÃÃo chegando satisfatÃria por aquÃ, 35433.
** 630. Set 28, 2018. 0300-0303, Radio Cidade, Campo Sales-CE. Locutor faz o encerramento das transmissÃes do dia com a ID e agradecimentos. Nesta breve escuta, Radio Cidade chegando com bom sinal e modulaÃÃo satisfatÃria, nesta minha primeira sintonia, aquà em Cabedelo, 45433.

** 15110. Set 28, 2018. 1841-1857, Radio Na Gaskiya, Kostinbrod-BUL (8.057km), em HauÃÃ.Locutora entrevista um cidadÃo nigeriano, suponho; 1843 Breve mÃsica local, tribal, seguida de locuÃÃo masculina em hauÃÃ lento, o qual fala por diversas vezes a palavra NigÃria; 1853 Homem discursa, creio eu. 1857 MÃsica tribal que parece ser o IS da EstaÃÃo. Emissora chegando com sinal e modulaÃÃo satisfatÃrios em Cabedelo, nesta transmissÃo via Sofia, BulgÃria, 35433.

eSWATINI** 6130. Set 28, 2018. 1919-1935, Trans World Radio, Manzini-SWZ (7305km), em PortuguÃs. Breve cÃntico religioso, IS e comeÃa o programa em portuguÃs; Hino religioso, seguido de pregaÃÃo cristà por um pastor-locutor, o qual fala sobre a salvaÃÃo, a santa fà e Cristo, EspÃrito Santo, no programa "AtravÃs da BÃblia". 1940* Ainda continua a pregaÃÃo! 1945 Hino por coral de vozes, em portuguÃs; AtravÃs da Biblia, POBox, website e atà o prÃximo programa; CÃntico por coral;1950 IS e final da ediÃÃo em portuguÃs e comeÃa novo programa em lÃngua africana. TWR com recepÃÃo satisfatÃria a pobre por aquÃ, 35433 para 35422.* Pelas listas Aoki e EiBi, atà Ãs 1935, apenas!

** 13820. Set 28, 2018. 1830-1840, Radio AlgÃrienne, Issoudun-F (7016km), em Ãrabe. AlcorÃo cantado por clÃrigo muÃulmano, provavelmente; 1835 AlcorÃo recitado. Ãtima recepÃÃo entre nÃs, 45554.

** 13640. Set 28, 2018. 1954-2010, All India Radio, Bangalore-IND (12617km), em FrancÃs. Locutor là as notÃcias; 2001 ID; 2002 Boa mÃsica indiana. AIR chegando bem por aquÃ, em Cabedelo, 45444.

** 15670. Set 28, 2018. 1859-1915, Radio Rumania Internacional, Tsiganechti-ROU (8268km), em Espanhol. IS; ID e programaÃÃo do dia em voz feminina; 1902 Locutora apresenta o NoticiÃrio; ID. RRI com boa recepÃÃo, 45444.

** 15400. Set 28, 2018. 1733-1757, BBC, Ascension-G (2261km), em InglÃs. NotÃcias sobre alguns paÃses africanos; ComentÃrios sobre Nelson Mandela e Anwar al Sadhat; Entrevistas e reportagens em locuÃÃes masculina e feminina. Ãtima recepÃÃo via AscensÃo, 45554.

** 15565. Set 28, 2018. 1803-1820, Radio Vaticano, Santa Maria di Galeria-CVA (7254km), em PortuguÃs. Noticias da Igreja e do Papa em locuÃÃes masculina e feminina; 1816 Programa "Africa Global"- notÃcias sobre comunidades africanas na locuÃÃo de frades; ID. Ãtima recepÃÃo nesta tarde, 45554.

Josà Ronaldo Xavier (JRX) - PR7036SWL
Cabedelo-Paraiba, Brasil (UTC-3).

| | Livre de vÃrus. www.avast.com. |

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