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  Radio Andina, 6673.1 kHz  DX news
Entrance Radio AndinaSame station as the earlier Radio Súper Nueva Sensación, now calling itself Radio Andina.
Still the same owner.
Pedro F. Arrunátegui, September 13, 2000, Chasqui DX

Chasqui DX

Radio Andina, 2155-2230, July 8, noted with the program Sabados Sanjuaneros. " ... Radio Andina una voz al ritmo de los tiempos Modernos..." many Advs. Carniceria la favorita, Libreria Madeco, Foto estudio Cornejo, Servicio Tecnico Marcia, Comercial Luz de Dios.
At 0000 noted with pgm: Mujeres por la Democracia.
That announcer mentioned that QTH in Calle Huascar No201 its a provisionaly QTH, next they will be in Avenida Ramon Castilla No. 254.
At the 0200 pgm. Asi canta Peru y Ecuador. in the mornings Paulina Choque Huanta present the pgm Canto Andino.
Rafael Rodriguez, Conexion Digital, July 2000

New peruvian station Radio Andina, transmitting on 6672.9 kHznoted today july 8 at the 1038 with vernacular music.
For one moment I think that is Radio Spuer Sensación, but at the 1100 "...está usted escuchando Radio Andina que transmite desde Huancabamba en los 6672 kilovatios(!) de la onda corta, banda de 49 metros..." After the program Pueblo Despierta: "...mis amigos tenga ustedes muy buenos días a partir de este momento para presentar su programa Pueblo Despierta, un programa que llega a usted con el gentil auspicio de Radio Andina de Huancabamba que en esta oportunidad está transmitiendo en la onda corta en lo 6672 kilovatios..."
Mentions to Manuel Campos Ojeda as Director and QTH in Calle Huascar No. 201 en Huancabamba, Piura, Perú. Phone 4731-4
This station maybe formed with the Radio Super sensacion's equipments.
Very good signal.
Rafael Rodriguez, hcdx list, July 9, 2000

Radio Andina also logged in Europe by Michael Schnitzer, Germany:
6672.93, Radio Andina, July 8/9, 2335-0010, Spanish, huayno music and comunicados, advertisement, several IDs. SINPO 22322.
Michael Schnitzer, hcdx list, July 9, 2000

Radio Andina, Huancabamba, on 6673.12, was first noted by Colombian DXer afael Rodríguez on the measured frequency of 6672.9 kHz on July 8, 2000.
It was heard in Tokyo at 1051-1146 on 22/JUL/2000 and also 1011- 1058 on 23/JUL/2000.
Signal was fair to poor, however the propagation from Perú was totally terrible. So the station is seemingly well equipped with about 1 kW output.
The station broadcasts with the following morning programs: 1000-1100 "Amanecer Andino", 1100- "Pueblo Despierta"
On 22/JUL/2000, I got two IDs: "Señoras y señores, amables oyentes, son las 5 de la mañana 52 minutos en Radio Andina desde Huancabamba. Ustedes están disfrutando con [sic] su programa AMANECER ANDINO de Radio Andina ...." and"En los 6672 kHz onda corta banda internacional de los 49 metros, Radio Andina onda corta transmite desde Huancabamba, la ciudad que camina, en el Departamento de Piura ...."
On 23/JUL/2000, ID was confirmed as "Las 5 de la mañana con 15 minutos en Radio Andina que transmite desde Huancabamba"
Takayuki Inoue Nózaki, Relámpago DX via DXLD, July 24, 2000

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