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  Radio Comas, 4880.8 kHz  DX news
Radio ComasI received a QSL from Radio Comas Televisión in Perú. It consists of an information letter and a QSL certificate. The letter is signed by Edgar Saldaña Reátegui, Jefe de Prensa, e-mail:
The certificate is signed by Julio Saldaña Reátegui, Gerente Comercial. By e-mail he can be reached via:
I had sent a snail mail follow-up with a dollar and some enclosures and an e-mail follow-up. The e-mail follow- up was also answered a few days ago. I had used the following address, from which there was also the reply:
Snail mail address is: Radio Comas Televisión S.R. Ltda., Av. Estados Unidos 327, Comas Km. 10 Av. Túpac Amaru, Lima, Perú.
I should perhaps mention that all this was for a report of September 2000 when the station was on 4880 kHz. They also indicate this frequency in their letter head now. So I am not sure where they transmit now, because in the meantime I saw them reported on 3250 kHz again. Best 73's and good DX
Hans- Dieter Buschau, Germany, hcdx list, 26 July 2002

Argentinian DXer Nicolas Eramo reports that the Peruvian station on 4881.2 kHz is Radio Comas, transmitting from Comas, Peru.
This is a move from its earlier frequency 3250.8 kHz, logged recently, August 16, by Michael Schnitzer on a DX-trip to Denmark.
Nicolas Eramo reports a clear ID in a reception on August 21 in his HCDX message:
Radio Comas, Comas, 0329 -0455#, Aug 21, Spanish, musical program with cumbias and salsa.
ID "Radio Comas" "Radio Comas, 1300 kilohertz amplitud modula, 4880 nueva señal en onda corta, a todos los oyentes del interior que nos escriban informándonos como nos reciben. Escríbanos a Av. Estados Unidos 327 Urbanización........recibirán un recuerdo de la emisora ..."
The s/off of Radio Comas Television was at 0455 with announce of address and then National Anthem. (Nicolas Eramo, to HCDX, August 21, 2000)

New Peruvian on 4880.8 kHz

A still unidentified LA station has been heard on 4880.83; first observed at 1121-1150 poor signal on August 19, thanks to a phone tip from Sr. Sejimo, a member of RNM.
The early morning px was composed of several typical Peruvian folklore, and OM talk.
At 1127 a canned ID was given, however, I could copy a couple of words due to weak signal: "Estación ... mil trescientos ... amplitud modulada y cuatro mil ochocientos ochenta en onda corta banda de 60 metros .... desde la Provincia de ... Peru"

On August 20, the station began the morning transmission at 0959 with folklore, but no ID was given at s/on.

As far as I know, Radio Nuevo Mundo de Pucallpa was formerly heard several years ago around this channel.
Radio Nuevo Mundo, which had been authorized to operate on the nominal frequency of 4880 kHz with callsign OAZ8H, was heard in the frequency range between 4881.5 kHz and 4881.7 kHz. So, this unidentified outlet is out of the Radio Nuevo Mundo's frequency range.
According to an official frequency list of OA stations, issued in 1999, no shortwave outlet is assigned on 4880 kHz, and Radio Nuevo Mundo already cancelled its shortwave license.
More work needed on this outlet. (Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, Relámpago DX via hcx list, August 20, 2000)

Radio Comas web site

You can get more info on Radio Comas web site.
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