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  Radio Cusco, 6203.7 kHz  DX news

Radio Cusco, Peru

A reception report to Radio Cusco was returned, stamped VACANTE.
Address used was Casilla 251, Cusco, Cusco, Peru. I suppose this means that, in the worst case, they are no more, or that they have moved to a new address. (Magnus Nilsson, hcdx list, September 15, 2000)

The correct address is: Radio Cusco Saphi 601, Cusco , Peru (Walter Monges, hcdx list, September 15, 2000)

The stamp "Vacante" merely says that the station no longer uses this P O Box. There is a fee for using the P O Box, and R Cusco has not paid. That´s all.

Radio Cusco, founded in 1936, has been run by the Lizárraga Fisher family until quite recently. They are probably still the owners.
The station has been housed in various premises over the years: Montes 43 (until the late 40´s), Saphi 114 (in the mid-50´s) and during the past few decades or so on the 2nd floor of Saphi 601. Their Casilla 251, which is now reported as obsolete, is on the station´s letterhead and has been in use for at least 30 years.
In the 80´s, the spelling to this town, called Qosqo in Quechua, and meaning "the navel of the world", was changed to Cusco from Cuzco.
Some people think that the absence of a QSL means that the report has failed to reach the station. This is not necessarily so. You can send a letter to "Radio Cusco - La Voz de la Capital Arqueológica de América, Cusco, Peru" and chances are good that your report will delivered to the right address even though there is no conspicuous signboard outside of the building.
Radio Cusco has been a difficult verifier during the past decades, but they certainly read all incoming mail, and they are always on whenever something special is cooking. According to existing QSL lists, only one QSL was sent out to a Scandinavian listener during the period 1953-1971, but even so, once in the 60´s, the station participated with an elaborate 1-hour broadcast as requested by the organizers of the Swedish DXing Championship. Apparently, such a scheme was more feasible, economically and otherwise, to the station than sending a card to each and everyone of the reporters. (Henrik Klemetz, hcdx list, September 17, 2000)

Radio Cusco, of the city and department of the same name, has recently moved from its traditional 6191.7 kHz to 6203.7 kHz due ot interference from the new Bolivian station, Radio Metropolitana, on 6194.5 kHz.
The station operates from 1000 UTC to 0300 UTC with 1.000 watts of power. The 49 meter band outlet is designed to serve a local and regional audience.
Radio Cusco is the second oldest station in the country. Established on 11 April 1936, the station was founded shortly after Radio Nacional. In Peru, the station's slogan is "LA Voz de la Capital Arquelógica de América". It's shortwave operations broadcast programs about Peruvian culture from the time of the Inca Empire to the present.
Over the years, the station has received correspondence from five continents. A Spanish language reception report with return postage should result in a reply from the station's gerente, Raul Siu Almonte.
Try the following address:
Radio Cusco
Casilla 251
Cusco, Cusco
(Richard A. D'Angelo, NASWA Journal, August 1993)

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