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  Radio El Libertador, 6270v kHz  DX news
6270v, Radio El Libertador, Bagua Grande/barrio El Libertador, provincia Utcubamba, departamento Amazonas. Feb 2001 - 0000.
Reported this new station in previous SWB, then with some question marks.
The DJ mentioned this address:
"Radio El Libertador, Calle San Martín, cuadra 16, sector El Libertador, la iglesia evangélica...del Perú, Bagua Grande, Utcubamba, Amazonas, Perú".
ID also as "Radio El Libertador en Cristo".
Starting up at about 1030 usually with greetings and "blessings" to the people in various places and barrios. Still miserable audio.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SW Bulletin, Feb 25, 2001

Libertador testing
6270v, Radio El Libertador, distrito "Bagua"(Sagua?) Grande, la capital de la provincia de "Utcu"(?)bamba, barrio/sector El Libertador, departamento Amazonsas. Jan 25 2001 - 0050 UT.
New Peruvian with a religious programme format. Probably started around Jan 20-22. As you can see above there are still some question marks - mostly due to the fact that the transmitter has very bad technical quality, - "flashes" now and then with somewhat better audio.
To get an ID it is best to listen before 0100 UT - after that long religious programmes mostly without any IDs - some of these programmes purchased from among others Costa Rica - with a little fantasy you can get the opinion it is a Costa Rican radiostation.
Still they claim it is test transmissions ("estamos en calidad de prueba"). At present they are around 6270v kHz, announces also they are transmitting in the 49m band.
The frequency has varied 6225-6297 kHz. To get to the church (perhaps the transmitter is located there) they recommend people to follow avenida "El Piloto" until you reach avenida "San Martín" where the church "... Libertadores" is situated.
here is a group of transmitters which all have the similar problems: frequency drift, impossible to listen to in SSB, bad audio quality and inability to tell us DX-ers from where the transmissions originate. In this group you find e.g. Radio Tigre, Radio Cielo, the two Radio San Juans and now also Radio El Libertador. Recently I also noted Radio Santa Ana with frequency drift and lousy audio around 4640 kc.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner SW Bulletin, Feb 11, 2001
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