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  Radio Nor Andina, 4461 kHz  DX news

Radio Nor Andina, Celendin, began broadcasting May 1, 1985. The station uses 1 kw (originally 500 watts) on 4460 kHz, and also operates on 1420 kHz. Because of an electricity shortage 1420 is used only at night.
Miseal Alcartara Guevara, the manager of the station, is forty years old and an accountant by profession. He also serves as the president of the Committee for Good Health for Children.

Celendin, 2664 meters above sea level in northern Peru, has 90.000 inhabitants. In the province of Cajamarca, where Celendin is located, and where there is extreme poverty, six to eight children die each day from infectious diseases. According to Miseal, financial help from outside Peru is needed to help save the lives of the children in that part of the country.

Radio Nor Andina broadcasts on the average of 150 messages daily, around half of which are of a community service nature. The station, by broadcasting these messages, provides a very important function, as there is only one central telephone office, and only one main road, for the residents to use in communication with others. The station lacks commercial advertising ("propaganda commercial" in Miseal's words; I think his words are better than the English) because of the lack of industries.

The address is:
Jirón Pardo 579,

V/s Roberto Alcantara G.

(Source: Marlin A Field, Hillsdale, MI, in NASWA Journal, March 1992, from translation of a letter from the manager. In the letter the name of the station was spelled three ways: Radio Nor Andina, Radio Nor-Andina, and Radio Norandina)

Electricity shortage a problem
I first noted the station on 14/10, 1995. The station had recommenced its morning transmission thanks to the new electricity service in the province of Celendín. S/on around 1100 with morning folklore program "Amanecer Andino" with saludos y comunicados.
I remember that several years ago, it has temporally operated in the local morning, using the private diesel-generator (5kW) for producing its output power, but it was shortly suspended. When I was there in January this year, I was informed that the electricity supply would be available for 24 hours a day from July 1995.
During my stay there, the electricity was only supplied from 1800-2400 hours local time (i.e. 2300-0500UTC), so all SW stations have transmitted only in the evening, except for a tiny FM pirate station "Frecuencia VH FM" (104.1MHz) which has run with car batteries.
Canned ID:
"Esta es la señal que surca los cielos del Perú y del mundo, Radio Nor Andina desde Celendín, Cajamarca"

"Desde Celendín en el Perú, esta es Radio Nor Andina, 1420 en amplitud modulada y 4460 onda corta. Radio Nor Andina, la radio que no tiene frontera."

"Celendín, tierra de chalanes y de gente progresista tiene ahora a Radio Nor Andina, por la que se vierte educación, cultura, información y entretenimiento para todo el Perú. Radio Nor Andina en 1420kHz en amplitud modulada y 4460kHz onda corta. Radio Nor Andino para todo el país desde Celendín."

Its morning transmission was also observed in Tokyo on 5/11 1104-1140 fade-out.
(Source: Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, Japan, 1995)

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