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  Radio Qollasuyo, 3250.2 kHz  DX news

Radio Qollasuyo has started experimental tx on SW on October 1, 1995, after having been off the air for about 10 years. The station was officially inaugurated on August 25, 1970 as a filial broadcasting station of the "Cadena Tawantinsuyo" de Radiodifusión". Under the administration of Ing. Raúl Montesinos Espejo. (According to an official document issued by "Sistema Nacional de Comunicación Social"in 1984, the MW outlet was licensed on Nov. 22, 1967, and SW outlet was licensed on April 8, 1971.)

The private broadcasting network was formerly composed of the following 6 stations: R Tawantinsuyo-Cusco; R La Hora-Cusco; FM108-Cusco; R Apurimac-Abancay; R Maldonado-Puerto Maldonado; and R Qollasuyo-Juliaca. On April 15, 1994, R Qollasuyo has become independent of the Tawantinsuyo Network company, as a private commercial broadcaster under the management of Carlos Chanvilla Farfán. As SW broadcast is still popular with provincial audience in the Altiplano region, the new owner decided to resume transmitting on SW.

When I visited the station on october 10, 1995, a radio-technician coming from Lima was repairing the old SW transmitter. While in Juliaca, I noticed that it has been operated experimentally in the daytime, and its frequency was measured on 3250.1 kHz. Its nominal power was approximately 0.7kW, but it would be increased to 1.5kW, Carlos Chanvilla Farfán said.
The station is licensed and equipped with the following call-signs, frequencies and equipment: OCX7E 1420 kHz ("Jorge Gomez Torres" brand transmitter 1kW + 1/4 wavelength vertical antenna 58 m high), OCX7D 3250 kHz ("Jorge Gomez Torres" brand transmitter 1kW + 1/2 wavelength dipole antenna 21 m high).

The transmitter site is situated in Sector Taparachi 13km from Juliaca. The studio and office are located at Hipolito Uname No. 240, La Rinconada, Juliaca. Sch: *1000-0200* (Sun *1000- 0100*) on MW. (As of October 1995, the SW operation schedule was not fixed.)

Opening announcement text:
"Desde Juliaca en el Departamento de Puno, vuelve a la ... de América, la señal de Radio Qollasuyo a través de sus dos frecuencias: 1420 kHz onda local, 3250 kHz banda de 90 metros internacional para seguir estrachando de amistad y hermandad entre pueblos y naciones que buscan el desarollo y progreso común. Radio Qollasuyo desde el altiplano peruano, de la bienvenida cuantas peruanas ... con su cordial diferencia de escucharnos y permitirnos acompañarlos durante el día y la noche a través de cada uno de nuestros programas estructurados debidamente para tal fin, porque tenemos un programa diferente para su gusto diferente. Tengan pues muy buenos días. Estamos ya en la señal diferente de Radio Qollasuyo."

(Information by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, Japan, 1995)
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