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  Radio San Antonio, 3375 kHz  DX news
Station silenced by extreme cold
by Brother Rolando del Carpio Montalvo, Director, Radio San Antonio Callali-Calloma,
22 July 2002 (Cahtolic Radio Update special)

My dear friends, the reason for this report is to greet you and at the same time tell you that for over a week there has been no signal broadcast from Radio San Antonio. We hear by international news that the south of Peru has been declared an emergency because of the natural disasters such as the change in climate with blizzards, strong winds, and low temperatures. All these are causing serious respiratory problems among children and the elderly. In addition, these are causing a high rate of mortality among animals such as alpacas, sheep, and llamas, which have nothing to eat. As a result of these woes, a crusade of help has been organized on the national level for all the zones affected by this climatological phenomenon, which for the present year and the next will cause difficulties for all the people of this area who live solely by raising domestic animals, given that because of the altitude there can be no agriculture.
Because of the blizzards, an electric power transformer has blown, by which for more than a week all the towns of the high zones of Arequipa province have no electric current and we are still trying to get the authorities to give us fuel for our generator and thus keep all the people of these high altitudes informed, because we are the only radio station that keeps everyone who inhabits these high altitudes informed. We hope that by tomorrow or the end of the week we will be back on the air.
OAW6A Radio San Antonio 3375 khz (1,000 watts)
Parroquia de San Antonio de Padua, Asociación Promotora San Francisco Solano, Apartado Postal 1817, Arequipa.
Hermano Rolando del Carpio Montalvo, director. Plaza Principal s/n, Callalli, Depto. Arequipa, Perú.
ID as "Es Radio San Antonio...que transmite desde la ciudad de Callalli para todos los oyentes, es una emisora Católica a servicio de la comunidad" 5 a.m.-9 a.m. and 5 p.m.-9 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
Catholic Radio Update, USA, 29 July 2002

The station verified with a no data e-mail reply to 18 DX'ers from v/s Hno Rolando del Carpio Montalvo, Director.
The reply took 23 days in response to a postal report with US$1.00 return postage.
The v/s mentions the station is on the air 1000-1330 and 2200-0130. Rolando indicated a postal reply would be coming soon. His e-mail address is:
He gave the station's postal address as:
Hno Rolando del Carpio Montalvo, Director,
Radio San Antonio de Padua de Callalli,
Apartado Postal 1817,
Rich D'Angelo, USA, DX Window, 27 March 2002

I have been hearing for the past week a station with a good signal on 3375 and trying to ID the location.
Today, July 8, at sign-off I heard:
"Radio San Antonio, ha transmitido para Uds. desde el distrito de Calame?, Parróquia de San Antonio de Padua. Muchas gracias y los invitamos a sintonizarnos mañana a partir de las 6 de la mañana"
It was possible to identify that Radio San Antonio is in Arequipa department.
Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão, hcdx list, July 8, 2000

Thanks to help from Gerardo in Perú the ID is now heard as follows:
"Es Radio San Antonio...que transmite desde la ciudad de Callalli para todos los oyentes, es una emisora católica a servicio de la comunidad".
The address: Radio San Antonio, Parroquia San Antonio de Padua Párroco Pbro. Franz Windischhofer Raffetseder, Plaza Principal s/n, Callalli - Depto. Arequipa.
Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão, via DXLD on hcdx, July 15, 2000

A move from 5235.5 kHz
Radio San Antonio on 3375 kHz is undoubtedly the same station which was on 5235.5 some years ago from San Antonio de Padua, Arequipa. It was unlicensed, operated by the Catholic church. But now it is licensed as OAW6B and is authorized by the Ministery of Transport and Communications on a frequency of 3375.
Transmitter site is in the parish of San Antonio de Padua de Callalli, Arequipa. Name of the business is registered as "Centro de Medios de Comunicación Social San Antonio". According to official info, the station is also authorized another frequency, 3390 as OAW6A.
Takayuki Inoue Nózaki, hcdx list, July 15, 2000
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