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  Radio San Juan, de Sallique, 4610v kHz  DX news
Radio San Juan de "Saíque", heard in January 2001, at 0315, on either 4580 or 4610v kHz.
Earlier logged on 5421v and 5609v kHz.
In the latest issue of SWB I forgot to put a little questionmark for the transmitter location, which I did the last time I heard the station in June 2000.
This time I listened to a px with music and comunicados; some were aimed at Dpto San Martín, but a quite a lot of them were aimed at Dpto Cajamarca, Prov. "Jaén" (the DJ pronounces the word more like "Jaín" but probably it is Jaén he says), Distrito "Saíque".
If the male DJ does not say "Saíque" then it is a word that fonetically sounds exactly the same.
I have never heard mentioning ``Chiclayo" in Radio San Juan de "Saíque"`s program.
Quite good px with music, greetings, etc.
During the last time they have started at 2345 –- with a similar ID as in June 2000 on 5609v. For instance they said now and then that the station transmits from the foot of la cordillera "Paramo".
Closes some time between 03-0330 UT.
I have had contact with Henrik Klemetz, who examines if there is a "distrito" suitable for "Saíque".
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner Shortwave Bulletin,, Jan 2001

Learning that Jaén, rather than Chiclayo, is the "provincia" where R San Juan is situated, the proposed "Saíque" becomes an easy match. It is "distrito de Sallique", and the station then probably "R San Juan, de Sallique". BTW, if there were no comma in the name, it could be taken for a Catholic saint, which it is not
Henrik Klemetz, DX Listening Digest, Jan 2001

Radio San Juan, Distrito de ``Saíque``(?), Chiclayo (Perú) June 2000 - close down 0235 UTC on 5617v.
New or "restarted" station.
Began transmission of the day at 1120 UTC with this ID ".....en el distrito de "Saique" (?) al pie de la cordillera de "Parmo(?) transmite Radio San Juan" and "Radio San Juan está transmitiendo en su frecuencia internacional de 60 metros, 4520 megaherz(!)".
The address given with the exception of a a figure in the street address which I couldn´t hear: "Radio San Juan, Calle San José 9-..., Oficina 12, Chiclayo".
I have a feeling that it is the same station I reported already in November 1999 on the frequency of 5421v (not 4520 as announced), but in this case has been off air until now.
The DJ also says that they again are on the air with a stronger transmitter and better quality. The station might have a problem with its transmitter as the frequency 4520 is announced.
They have also a few times mentioned "Región Nororiental de Marañón" maybe a coincidence but on the same street "Calle San José" is this MW- station listed: "Negocios Radiales Región Nororiental de Marañón, Chiclayo (CP)" - 1160kc.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, hcdx partner Shortwvave Bulletin, June 2000
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