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  Radio San Miguel, 5500v kHz  DX news

5500,2 Radio San Miguel, Jr. Alfonso Ugarte Nº 668, San Miguel de Pallaques, Cajamarca, Perú.
QSL letter with complete dates received from e-mail for a reception report of July 08, 2002.
I sent my reception report by ordinary mail and received my QSL from email.
V/S: Jose Cabanillas Luna, from the next electronic address:
He wrote a very pleasant letter too.
He is a journalist and the station general manager Inelso Cruzado Díaz request him answer my letter.
The station hasn`t electronic address and Jose Cabanillas Luna (nickname: Coco) live in Cajamarca and sent me the mail from that city.

(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentine, hcdx mail list, 14 October 2002)
Radio San Miguel Pallaques heard 10 September 2002 at 0106-0130 on 5500 kHz.
Some very nice Peruvian music heard with S5 signal level. Male announcer at 0109 with station ID as Radio San Miguel.
Some short program announcement and jingles at 0112 during tune. Ranchera type music.
Fair copy with some static crashes heard and appears to be improving at 0116.
Bob Montgomery, USA, Cumbre DX via DXLD, 10 September 2002

Radio San Miguel, San Miguel de Pallaques, Cajamarca, first noted on 26 April 2002 on 5500v kHz, with what seems to have been a brief test transmission.
Noted again 4 May 2002, this time also with a nonstop musical test transmission without announcements.
15 May 2002 heard with station ID as "Radio San Miguel", which is a reactivation on an earlier used frequency.
The station is now heard regularly on 5500 kHz, with a slight variation of freqnency between 5499.25 and 5500.58 kHz, announcing 5500 kHz as well as 1450 kHz medium wave and 101.1 MHz FM.
This station has earlier been heard on 6339.67 kHz in 2001, then giving ID as "San Miguel Arcángel Radio". Now they seem to have shortend the ID to just "Radio San Miguel", with a variation as "San Miguel, super radio".
Björn Malm, Ecuador, HCDX partner SWB, 15 June 2002

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