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Down to Earth Antennas
Why should I use a loop antenna. How long should a Beverage antenna be? What is the optimal height for a dipol antenna?
Lot of questions. Here you will find the answers. Even what to do when an outdoor antenna is strictly forbidden. Just bury the wires. (By Joe Buch )

Make it cheap, simple and effective
Modern shortwave receivers, especially portables, most often are intolerant of overly strong signals. Therefore, the best, and least costly, antenna is the least antenna that can receive what you want to receive. (By Daniel Grunberg)

Tune-A-Stick - broomstick made antenna

-- Step by step instructions --
Easy-to-follow instructions for the "Broomstick Special". (By Arnie Coro, Radio Havana)
-- Noise cancelling stick --
How to put 226 turns of speaker wire on your broomstick, and get a noise cancelling antenna. (By Douglas Boze)
-- Great White North Special --
Or a lot of wire tightly wound around a stick. (By Shawn Axelrod)
-- "Amazing antenna" --
The "broomstick" antenna intrigued me, so I built one, and plugged the contraption into the radio. I was amazed at the improvement!. (By Marty Leipzig)

MFJ-1026, the Master of Phasing
Mark Connelly, USA: The MFJ-1026 is a very competent phasing unit, that will help many DXers in bringing new stations out of "the mud". Complete with modification instructions for the AM bands.
You just got to have this phaser
Paul Ormandy, New Zealand: If you're a serious MW DXer and have access to long wires or Beverages, well, you have just got to have one of these!
Skip MFJ-1025, go for APU-100
Bjarne Mjelde, Norway:Forget about MFJ. Go for the APU-100 phaser from Wellbrook Communications.
Differences between MFJ-1025 and 1026
Al Merriman, USA: The 1025 does not have the built in active whip antenna, nor does it have a amplifier on the Aux Antenna input.
MFJ-1026 phaser compared to ANC-4
Patrick Martin, USA: I find the MFJ unit much easier to use and it works much better than the ANC-4.
More impressions on the MFJ-1026
(By Ken Alexander)
The Healing Game for DX-ers
Bjarne Mjelde, Norway: MFJ-1026 kan dempe, og den kan forsterke signaler. Og ikke minst: Den kan styre retningsvirkningen av de antennene som er tilkoblet. Det er "Healing Game for DX-ers". [Text in Norwegian]
The art of noise nulling
Dave, NR1DX: In my experience folks who have had problems getting the cancellers to work have not put enough thought into getting a good antenna for the noise antenna.

Tune your antenna for better DX
The construction of a long-wire antenna is simple. By adding an easy to build Pi coupler you will get even more signals from your wires.
-- And a simple shortwave tuner --

Don't waste money on antenna tuners
If you have a newer receiver, antenna tuners will not help you much. Using one doesn't help, because when you "peak" the tuner to increase the wanted signal, you also "peak" the general noise level

Antenna for reducing skywave interference
How to convert a standard book-size battery-powered shortwave receivers to directional reception to reduce interference. Easy construction - can be home-built. (By Dr. O. G. Villard, Jr. -- published with permission from Radio Nederland)

High-pass filter to cut off disturbing signals
Having a lot of strong local medium wave stations around? Then you need a high-pass filter to cut off signals below, say, 2 MHz. (By Daniel Newkirk)

Simple anti-static device
With all the wire you have out, you may run into a problem with static buildup on the antennas. To protect your equipment, build this simple anti-static device. (By Shawn Axelrod)

How to fix electrical fence noise
With all the wire you have out, you may run into a problem with static buildup on the antennas. To protect your equipment, build this simple anti-static device. (By Walter Dufrain)

How to reduce fading on shortwave
What causes fading of shortwave signals and what you can do to improve the situation. (By Joe Buch, N2JB)

Antenna matching to Improve Sony 2010
There is significant impedance mismatch between most shortwave antennas and the receiver. With this antenna matching device you will get maximum signal to the receiver at most frequencies. (By Robert Colegrove)

Tuned Active Shortwave Antenna
A one metre whip will develop a fair signal voltage on HF, but there is next to no current. By amplifying the signal at source you will get a much better antenna. (By Adrian Knott, Poland)

Tuned VLF Active Antenna
This active antenna is good down to at least 10 KHz and is a few dB down at 200 KHz. You may like to experiment with the filtering to see if Long wave and Medium wave may be covered. (By Adrian Knott, Poland)

Balloon and kite antenna systems
Baloons made for advertising uses make excellent supports for vertical antennas. Learn what daring antenna adventurers have to tell you. (Many contributors)

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